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Sustainable Waste Management and Toilet Cleaning Solutions


Bioactive Toilet Bowl, And Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser
  • GECA amd Platinum Global GreenTag Certified
  • Reduced build-up of uric acid
  • Formulated with active microbes
  • Biosystem & septic safe cleaner
  • Minimal aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable
  • Utilises the power of active microbes to eliminate odours

e-Flush is an effective, biological treatment for cleaning and deodorising washrooms, toilets, urinals and stainless steel troughs. Washroom odours hide deep within tiles, grout, traps and plumbing lines, making them hard to access and eradicate. The beneficial microbes in e-Flush digest organic debris at the source and target the breakdown of insoluble and unsightly uric scale, significantly reducing its build-up and potential to block pipes.

e-Flush provides excellent all-round performance, designed to clean, refresh, eliminate organic waste build-up and deodorise by successfully destroying the source of bad odours.