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Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Making Its Mark in Australia

Eco-friendly toilet paper is fast becoming the toilet paper of choice in Australian homes and workplaces. Eco-friendly toilet paper is not only better for the environment but better for sewerage systems too. In Australia, eco-friendly toilet paper is made from a variety of sustainable materials, including PEFC-certified wood pulp, sugarcane, hemp and bamboo.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly toilet paper?

There are many benefits associated with using eco-friendly or sustainable toilet paper, which explains why Australian organisations and businesses are making the switch.

  • Genuine eco-friendly toilet paper dissolves faster in water than standard toilet paper – leading to fewer sewerage blockages and lower plumbing maintenance costs.
  • Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly toilet paper is cost-effective (in some cases, it’s no more expensive than standard toilet paper).
  • Organisations and businesses that embrace the use of eco-friendly toilet paper play an important role in preserving the environment for future generations.
  • The use of eco-friendly toilet paper enhances the “positive branding” of a business or organisation.
  • Eco-friendly toilet paper is generally softer than recycled toilet paper (making it the preferred eco choice).

Enviroplus, which is owned by Abco Products, provides two toilet paper products that are eco-friendly and highly biodegradable: EnviroPlus BioActive Toilet Tissue and EnviroPlus Eco Paper toilet tissue.

EnviroPlus BioActive Toilet Tissue

EnviroPlus BioActive Toilet Tissue is an innovative toilet paper that’s designed to break down organic matter in toilet pipes and sewerage systems. BioActive Toilet Tissue is made from PEFC-certified paper that’s treated with Biologic Active Tissue Paper (BATP®) spray. The BATP® technology consists of five natural microorganisms, which “activate” on contact with water.

BioActive Toilet Tissue is ideal for organisations and businesses seeking to reduce toilet blockages and plumbing callouts. Many plumbing blockages occur in high-traffic bathrooms, which are commonly found in schools, universities, shopping centres, hotels, airports, train stations, sporting/entertainment venues and cruise ships.

Although BioActive Toilet Tissue is a little more expensive than standard toilet paper, it’s designed to reduce the cost of operational downtime in high-traffic bathrooms over time. Many of our current BioActive Toilet Tissue customers endorse the product wholeheartedly – citing fewer blockages and lower odour levels.

Key Features of BioActive Toilet Tissue

  • Made from PEFC-certified paper that’s sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Uses revolutionary BATP® technology from Italy, which is safe (non-toxic) for humans and the environment.
  • Global GreenTag certified (the first toilet paper to be awarded an International Platinum Global GreenTag certificate).
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified (the international standard for quality management).
  • Compliant with a wide range of international standards relating to the environment, including ISO 14024, ISO 17065, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067, ISO 14025 and ISO 21930 / EN 15804.
  • A range of stylish jumbo dispensers is available for BioActive Jumbo Toilet Tissue.

At EnviroPlus, we’re very proud of the BioActive Toilet Tissue product, which takes enzyme cleaning and sustainable toilet paper to a new level in Australia.

EnviroPlus Eco Paper

The EnviroPlus Eco Paper range of environmentally friendly products is made from recycled sugar cane bagasse and virgin wood pulp – making it forest friendly. The range features both 1-ply and 2-ply toilet tissue, along with paper hand towels. The Eco Paper range is ideal for businesses and organisations focused on sustainability and ethical procurement.

The Eco Paper toilet tissue and hand towels are similar in price to more “traditional” products but have the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. Unlike a lot of recycled toilet paper, Eco Paper toilet tissue is very soft and absorbent – making it the perfect eco-friendly toilet paper to buy in Australia.

A wide range of toilet roll and hand towel dispensers (suitable for the EnviroPlus Eco Paper range of products) is available from our parent company, Abco Products.

For further information on eco-friendly and sustainable toilet paper (in bulk quantities), please call the friendly team at EnviroPlus on 1800 177 399.

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