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How Enzymatic Cleaners Work

Do you have a stubborn stain that doesn’t want to lift, no matter how many different cleaning detergents you have used? It might be time to try a natural enzymatic cleaner that is specially designed to break down different types of stains.

Read on to find out how enzymatic cleaners work and how they can benefit you. 

How It Works

Enzymatic cleaners contain beneficial bacteria which breaks down molecules and microorganisms found in organic material like urine, feces, soil and food. Different enzymes can break down different types of stains. Therefore, lipases react to fats and oils, amylases help to remove starch and carbohydrate stains and proteases work on protein based stains. There isn’t a stain that an enzymatic cleaner can’t remove!

Enzymatic cleaners are also highly effective at removing not only stains but odours as well and can remove even the toughest mud and soil stains from your carpets or hard floors. The cleaner may take anywhere between 12 – 24 hours depending on the circumstances, to dry, allowing the cleaner to do its job in eliminating the stain and odour.

Its Benefits

  • Safe on the environment and you – Our Enzymatic cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products do not include harmful chemicals and most are at neutral pH levels. Any waste that is consumed by these cleaners is turned into carbon dioxide and water, ensuring no waste ends up in streams.
  • Less exertion on the cleaner – Enzymatic cleaners are highly productive as they keep cleaning and work for hours after you have applied them to a surface, therefore there is little need for you to scrub at the stain all day.  
  • Reach all the hard to reach places – Enzymatic cleaners involve deeper cleaning as they can penetrate all those hard to reach places normal cleaning products cannot, such as grout lines and tiny scratches on your hard floors.

Our Enzymatic Cleaner Is Available To You

Our enzymatic cleaner is available to you to remove all those difficult stains and odours. It breaks down the stain and always does the job just right. Leaving your home or carpet much cleaner and fresher.

We have your best interests at heart. Give us a call about your cleaning needs and we will be happy to assist you!

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