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The Benefits Of Green Cleaning Products In Healthcare Facility Management

The winter season is upon us, and with it comes an increase in colds and flu. As a facilities manager, you will have created a strict cleaning schedule to manage dust, allergies and infections. Maintaining well-stocked restrooms and break rooms with soaps, sanitisers and paper towels to promote handwashing is an important first line of defence.

But while you may have an established cleaning schedule ad protocols in place, have you considered the impact of cleaning chemicals on your staff and patients? The demand for green cleaning products as an alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals is rising. We examine why green cleaning is a safer and more sustainable approach to health care facility management.

Systematic Cleaning As The First Line Of Defence

Cleaning is vital for reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). However, some cleaning procedures might potentially be harmful owing to the usage of hazardous chemicals. Going green entails utilising products created from eco-friendly chemicals rather than those packed with toxins. 

By adopting a new multidisciplinary and systematic approach to healthcare cleaning, using organic alternatives to both cleaning materials and practices will achieve the following:

Reduced Health Risks

Contacting and inhaling harmful toxins can lead to a variety of health problems. Switching to green products lowers the risk of asthma and various respiratory and skin conditions. Your cleaning personnel is exposed to cleaning chemicals regularly. These products contain harmful substances and increase the risk for neurological impairments and cancer, among other serious health concerns.

Improved Air Quality

With green cleaning solutions, you can look forward to improved air quality. Many green chemicals release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These harmful gases are known to cause eye, nose and throat irritation as well as headaches and nausea. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In general, green cleaning products are less harmful to the environment. Choosing biodegradable cleaning solutions also contributes to the protection of natural resources. They contain biodegradable formulas, minimal aquatic toxicity and often use sustainable packaging.   These sustainable solutions will reduce your carbon footprint, and as more health facilities adopt organic and sustainable cleaning practices, we all contribute to a greener future.

Reduced Expenditures

The initial expense of switching to green cleaning products and practices may be higher, but in the long term, green cleaning becomes less costly, often because the emphasis is on reusable and less erosive products. This means cleaning equipment last longer, and cleaning processes are less labour intensive.

Encouraging An Eco-Friendly Approach To Corporate Cleaning

Enviroplus supplies a comprehensive range of chemical-free, natural cleaning solutions as a compelling alternative to conventional chemical cleaning. Encouraging an eco-friendly approach to general and corporate cleaning, including health facilities.

Enviroplus is generally regarded as Australia’s leading provider of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our formulas are based on microbial, antimicrobial, plant extract and enzyme technologies. Get in touch today for green cleaning products that will save you time and money and promote safety and sustainability within your health care facility.

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