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Washroom Hygiene

Bio Degradable
Bio Degradable
Plant Based Logo
Plant Based Logo

Septic Safe Cleaner

  • Reduces buildup of uric acid
  • Biosystem & septic safe cleaner
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable
  • Natural cleaning power that eliminates odours

e-Flush is a biological product designed to digest organic waste at the source of odour, significantly reducing the build-up of uric acid scale. The beneficial product microbes penetrate into porous surfaces and establish effective self-renewing biofilms deep inside inaccessible plumbing lines. The microbes work to clean, refresh, eliminate organic waste build up and deodorize by successfully destroying the source of the unpleasant odours.

  • 160350 - 750ml
  • 160258 - 1L
  • 160259 - 5L
  • 171140 - 20L

Toilet Blue Solution

  • Eliminates odours & accelerates organic waste break down
  • Scented concentrated air freshener
  • Stimulates sewer bacteria & assists leach drains
  • Plant based, naturally formulated, non-toxic

e-Fresh is a highly concentrated air freshener and toilet blue solution for toilet bucket cleaning. Designed to counteract unpleasant odours and provide essential enzymes and food source for promoting healthy bacteria in toilet systems.

  • 171138 - 20L
  • 171139 - 200L

Water Softening Agent

  • Contains odour neutralizing perfume
  • Accelerates organic waste breakdown
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable

e-Kube urinal blocks contain a unique selection of non-pathogenic micro-organisms, a blend of cleaning and water softening agents, and a special odour blocking perfume & colour.

  • 171147 - 100 cubes


  • Complete concentrated blend of beneficial septic microbes
  • Blend of naturally occurring microorganisms
  • Accelerates organic waste breakdown
  • Totally Eco-safe & biodegradable

e-Portaloo liquid is a highly concentrated biological product containing a blend of naturally occurring beneficial bacterial strains to reduce odours and accelerate organic waste breakdown in portable toilet systems.

  • 160339 - 1L
  • 160338 - 5L
  • 171126 - 20L


  • Effective against soaps, body fats, algae & mould growth
  • Naturally derived ingredients - non caustic
  • Kills 99.99% bacteria to EN1276 and EN13697
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable

e-Shine is a natural cleaning product designed using a range of plant extracts. The product is very effective against soaps and body fats. The plant extract technology also targets algae and mould growth, cleaning the surfaces whilst also being absorbed into the grout, providing a preventative effect as the technology resists subsequent
algae and mould build up.

  • 160260 - 750ml
  • 160261 - 5L
  • 171081 - 20L

Surface Cleaner

  • Cleans, refreshes and eliminates organic waste build up
  • Digests organic debris at the source
  • Deodorises by destroying the source of the bad odurs
  • Effectively provides wetting, penetrating and soil cutting

e-Washroom is a specially formulated cleaner consisting of concentrated biological products, containing a blend of naturally occurring bacterial strains that are ideal for surface cleaning to combat bad odours and accelerate bio-degradation of organic debris.ems.

  • 160417 - 1L