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Innovative and Environmentally Safer Cleaning Products

Experience innovative and environmentally safer cleaning with Enviroplus

In a world where we are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment, we see a growing demand for a cleaning product range that encourages the need for environmentally safer cleaning products in the general cleaning and commercial cleaning sector. Enviroplus has an extensive range of biodegradable and innovative products delivering powerful results for environmentally-conscious cleaners and facilities across Australia while offering a compelling alternative to harmful cleaning products in the cleaning process.

Enviroplus is widely recognised as the leading cleaning product that is environmentally safer specialising in the development of biodegradable, low-toxicity and innovative cleaning products based on biology-based solutions. With ongoing investment, we are at the forefront of the movement by turning to biodegradable ingredients and resources to formulate a range of innovative and environmentally safer cleaning products. By partnering with international biological labs, we provide unrivalled technical support and innovative solutions to a wide range of sectors, ensuring that we have the capacity to respond to the ever-changing demands of our customers in commercial cleaning, facilities management and general waste management.

Enviroplus is owned and exclusively distributed by Abco, the leading supplier of commercial cleaning and hygiene products. With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth we are able to cater to the needs of our national commercial building service contractor, commercial facilities and industrial sites in diverse sectors including retail, health sector and mining sector while working with them to achieve and meet their sustainability goals year on year. The primary focus of our range of cleaning solutions is to minimise the overall commercial waste impact on the environment and on the end user; whilst giving our customers the added advantage of improved waste management opportunities and cost-effective business practices to empower the cleaners performing the job day after the day.

Clients using Enviroplus

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  • “We love to use Enviroplus products, especially e-Washroom and e-Magiclean. It’s hard to believe a natural product can be this strong and also provide such powerful cleaning. Some of our cleaners previously had serious allergies after using traditional cleaning chemicals however the Enviroplus range has provided an organic solution for our cleaners who have more sensitive

    General Manager
    Hospitality Industry
  • “Before coming to WA, I worked in several different schools in Sydney. My conversations with colleagues from different schools would always turn to that problematic smell coming from the toilets – predominately the boys’ toilets. We each tried different products, some requiring an apply and leave approach, others an intensive effort, however all to no avail. I received an email from Enviroplus to come and demonstrate their eFlush product in our boys’ toilet– I readily accepted the opportunity to put this product to the test (and prove that this product would just be like the rest). I was blown away at how quickly eFlush worked to remove that strong offensive odour in the boys’ toilet, and how pleasant it was to walk past and smell that refreshing scent. It really works, it eats away the smell and leaves the toilets smelling amazing!”

    Megan Sketchley
    Riverside Community School
  • As a district Blackwood has been using the Enviroplus range of products for several years now with excellent results,
    particularly in the National Park toilets. We have found that E-Fresh coupled with the Bioactive Toilet Tissue has made a
    real difference. We have found that smell has diminished completely in some of the facilities and that waste in the longdrop
    toilets in our more isolated spots don’t need emptying at all anymore due to the continued breakdown of the waste.
    Also, E-Clean has proven to be useful within Blackwood Work Centres. I would recommend the listed products for any isolated/remote long-drop toilets and heavily frequented areas too.

    Simon Grey
    Work Centre Coordinator - Margret River Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • As you can imagine with a school of over 1,000 students our facilities are well used and the number of toilet tissue blockages were all too common, I am pleased to inform you that since the introduction of the Bioactive toilet tissue across the school I am confident in reporting that the number of blockages has reduced by 60% and I would recommend this product to others.

    Greg Sawyer
    Facilities Manager - The International French School of Sydney