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To change the cleaning industry

Cleaning products may seem like a drop in the ocean, but small drops make big waves. Positive actions accumulate, and our commitment to changing the cleaning industry is what will help drive global sustainability and achieve ESG goals.

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Committed to
positive change

We’re changing the cleaning industry for the better by helping our clients reduce their environmental impact and improve their ESG strategies. From our independently certified products and cleaning tools to social partnerships and community support, we’re working towards a healthier and happier earth.

It's time to set the record straight

We're on a mission to debunk the myths that keep the cleaning industry in the dark ages.

"Traditional cleaning products won't harm the environment."

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"Chemicals found in traditional cleaning products pollute water and contaminate soil, harming precious ecosystems."


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"Green cleaning is less effective than traditional methods."

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"Enviroplus leverages the power of biotechnology, including microbes and enzymes that rival traditional solutions."


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"Green cleaning is more expensive than traditional methods."

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"Our concentrated ranges contain high-performing ingredients. Less solution is used per clean, and surfaces stay cleaner for longer, making the products more cost-effective."


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To help organisations 
achieve their ESG goals through sustainable cleaning methodologies.

Our Approach

We go beyond greener cleaning products to empower organisations to take positive action in impactful ways.


Scientifically-proven biodegradable cleaning products that are easier on the environment and healthier at work.


Helpful tools that make it easier for you to measure and manage the impact of your cleaning.


Accessible ESG information to empower you to make good on environmental promises and keep changing the world.


A community of like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference and are ready to help you do the same.

Positive action

Making the switch to greener cleaning means contributing to social and environmental initiatives that will make a difference.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation


Indigenous Literacy Foundation

We donate a portion of sales from selected products to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). The ILF provides new, culturally relevant books to remote communities across Australia. As of 2023, we’ve donated over $280,000 equating to 28,000 books.




Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation that plants native, biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to capture carbon emissions. A portion of Enviroplus paper product sales goes to planting trees. Over 1,200 trees have been planted.

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Clean greener, healthier and better

Through extensive research and innovation, we have developed environmentally safer cleaning solutions designed for specific functions that outperform traditional methods.

Ready for a clean change?

Make the switch.