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Hi, I'm Eden!

I'm a passionate advocate for the environment and for businesses who are serious about their ESG strategy. I know ESG can be confusing, but I can make it easier. By breaking down what can feel complicated, I help you reach your ESG goals and make a positive change.

How I help your business

Smart cleaning goes way beyond good hygiene. With my help, you can improve cleaning and make a positive impact.

"Choose products with plant-based ingredients."

Why clean greener?

"So you reduce environmental impact and take care of precious ecosystems."


Why so?

"Clean with solutions containing fewer chemicals and VOCs. "

Why clean healthier?

"To create a healthier workplace using cleaning that minimises negative health effects."


How so?

"Invest in innovative formula that leverage biotechnology. "

Why clean better?

"Consolidate your product range, save money and make your cleans last longer. "


Why so?

How I help you with your ESG

Eden's World


Eden's World

Learn how to make a clean change. You can find insights on greener cleaning, ESG and positive action at Eden’s World.

Meet my clean team


Meet my clean team

From washroom hygiene to heavy-duty cleaning, my extensive product range of scientifically proven biological cleaning products will get the job done.

Eden's friends


Eden's friends

Ready to make the switch from traditional cleaning products? Get a free trial. I will get you in touch with a representative to get you started.



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Meet your ESG commitments

Enviroplus is helping organisations take positive action with greener cleaning products, accessible ESG education and helpful tools.

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