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Through extensive research and innovation, we have developed environmentally safer cleaning solutions that can outperform traditional methods.

High-performing formulas for seriously smart cleaning


Selected formulas contain active microbes designed for penetrative and long-lasting cleans.


We partnered with innovative chemists that harness the power of biotechnology and other low toxicity formulas.


Consolidate your products, use less solution per clean and save money in the long run.



How to clean better

Stay in the loop


Stay in the loop

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving, from technology and sustainability to health and safety improvements. If you want to clean greener, healthier and better you need to stay in the loop.

Choose certified green


Choose certified green

A selection of products have independent certification, including GECA and Global GreenTag, so you can rest assured they’re better for the environment and healthier for your workplace.

Concentrate efforts


Concentrate efforts

The quality of your cleaning relies on the quality of your product. Reduce waste,
save money and reduce your 
environmental impact.

Invest in innovation


Invest in innovation

Combined with high-performing cleaning products, the right equipment improves your cleaning performance considerably.

Spread the word


Spread the word

We’re all working towards improving our ESG performance, so making the switch is a win for the environment and your business. Why not spread the word?

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Learn about Microbe-based technology

Microbes are tiny organisms that germinate in specific cleaning environments. They release enzymes, which actively break down dirt and grime and speed up the cleaning process.

There are different types of enzymes responsible for breaking down different types of organic matter. We carefully select microbe strains for each product for the desired cleaning effect.

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Easy cleaning

Rubix Chemical Dispenser

  • Removes solution waste from your facility, saving money and time
  • Dispenses four environmentally safer solutions at the touch of a button
  • Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers
  • Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify

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