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All You Need To Know About Compostable Bin Liners

Turning your home into a greener and more eco-friendly one doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable overnight change. Small changes to everyday items that you use can make all the difference. And when done bit by bit over time, you’ll find you’re naturally living a more green lifestyle.

One of those small changes you can make is moving from your normal plastic bin bag to compostable bin liners. Here we answer all the common questions you might ask about the changeover. 

What Are Compostable Bin Liners?

Compostable bin liners are made from natural products that will naturally compose over time. Depending on the company selling them, these are products such as cornstarch. Compostable bin liners will lower your carbon footprint and reduce waste going to landfills as they can decompose in your home’s compost.   

Are They Trustworthy?

Biodegradable bin bags can sometimes have the reputation of being thinner than plastic bin bags; therefore, they are more likely to split. That’s why you must purchase from certified companies like ours that meet strict Australian, European and American standards. Compostable bin bags are breathable and, more importantly, leak-proof to avoid any nasty odours and spills. 

How To Use Your Liner Effectively

To ensure that your bin liner remains effective, make sure to avoid overfilling it to the point of tearing it ‒ so change your bin bag regularly. You also need to avoid binning grease and hot liquids. To most effectively use your compostable bin liner, it needs to be filled with natural, compostable items such as food waste and any other yard waste. 

What’s The Difference Between Compostable Liners And Plastic Bags? 

Standard bin liners are made from oil-based plastics that can take 10 to 100 years to decompose, and when surrounded by unnatural waste, like a landfill, they’ll take even longer. These bags are made from nonrenewable oil taken from the ground and then do not naturally go back into the ground for years and pollute the environment. Compostable bin liners, however, are being made from natural, renewable products like cornstarch and can decompose back into the earth in a natural and nutritious way.

Ready to make the change and start creating a more sustainable home that gives rather than takes from the earth? Buy our 100% compostable bin liners today! They are available in 30L, 80L, 120L and 240L bags and can be used commercially and at home. Reduce your landfill waste and carbon emissions now!

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