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New Enviroplus

Bioactive Toilet Paper

Enviroplus Bioactive toilet paper Cleaner
Enzymes are activated when in contact with water and degrade organic matter

Enzymes are activated when in contact with water and degrade organic matter

Treated with non-pathogenic microrganisms
Environmentally friendly, PEFC™ certified paper. Treated with 100% naturally occurring microorganisms
Say goodbye to frequent pipe blockages. Maintains drains and cleans pipes

Say goodbye to frequent pipe blockages. Maintains drains and cleans pipes

Pleasant Toilet
No more unpleasant odours in sewerage lines, including pipes, trap tanks, septic tanks and cesspools.

Pleasant Toilet
No more unpleasant odours in sewerage lines, including pipes, trap tanks, septic tanks and cesspools.

On a roll to a cleaner planet!

How Bioactive Toilet Paper Works

Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper delivers unprecedented innovation through the incorporation of internationally patented BATP technology.

BATP consists of a synergy of five natural microorganisms, safe for personal use and the environment.

The microorganisms only activate when in contact with water, and produce enzymes that biodegrade encrustations and organic substances present in pipes and sewage systems.

Per 1kg of Bioactive toilet tissue used, it reduces climate change effects by removing 1.675kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • FSC Certified
  • Enzymes are activated when in contact with water
  • Treated with non-pathogenic microorganisms.
  • No unpleasant odours



Industries that benefit from using Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper



100227                            2PLY 400 SHEET ROLL, 48 ROLLS PER CARTON

100228                           2PLY 300M JUMBO ROLL, 8 ROLLS PER CARTON

Bioactive Toilet Tissue – The First to be awarded an International Platinum Global GreenTag Certificate


What is Global GreenTag?

Green Tag™ is a third party, green building product rating and certification system, underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) processes. Its advanced, robust LCA certification methodology developed exclusively by ecospecifier, is a world first. The Green Tag™ ecolabel rating positions a product within the top end of the green product market enabling manufacturers to be able for the first time to fully communicate the work they have undertaken to improve the ecological and health benefits of their products.


Why is it important to pick a GreenTag certified product?

Greenwash has ruled in the eco market. Any brand can claim to be an environmental saviour with a few ‘natural’ ingredients and some sharp marketing. Buyers don’t know who to trust. Fake products in green packaging take sales away from genuinely deserving brands. The planet continues to be exploited in the name of inauthentic green design. 

GreenTag is a tool to cut through the greenwash and empower professionals and consumers alike to confidently choose products that have been made in the most planet-friendly way possible. GreenTag takes the doubt out of buying. And because buyers know they can trust the label, genuine green products earn the greatest reward of all, trust!


What is GreenTag’s CarbonRATE?

CarbonRATE™ by GreenTag is a unique peer reviewed Embodied Carbon Product Certification Program. CarbonRATE™ challenges the market to design, manufacture and use only products that can scientifically identify carbon impacts and benefits.

The CarbonLCA (Life Cycle Analysis) shows clearly how products such as the Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Tissue are reducing climate impacts by revealing the story behind the full lifecycle of the product. This allows companies interested in reaching low carbon or zero carbon targets to source products which meet this standard.

See more information about Abco’s Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper here.


What products does Abco have that are Global GreenTag Certified?

We have 3 Toilet tissue products that are Global Greentag Certified and have Platinum Greentag LCA Ratings:

  1. Enviroplus Bioactive 2PLY toilet paper and toilet tissue
  2. Enviroplus Bioactive 1PLY jumbo toilet roll
  3. Enviroplus Bioactive 2PLY jumbo toilet roll



Our Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Tissue is compliant to the following standards:

  • Externally certified to ISO 9001 for Quality Management
  • Externally verified as compliant to:
  • ISO 14024 for Type 1 (Third Party) Eco-labels and
  • ISO 17065 for Conformance Assessment Bodies
  • Certification is compliant to ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 for LCA
  • ISO 14067 for Greenhouse Gas calculation
  • ISO 14025 for Environmental Product Declarations and
  • ISO 21930 and EN 15804 for specific need EPDs
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and US Trade Marks & Patents Office Approved Certification Mark.
  • Is proven as a trusted Green Tag product


Bioactive Toilet Paper Testimonials

  • I would like to thank you for presenting the School with an alternate choice of the Bioactive toilet tissue last year. As you can imagine with a school of over 1,000 students our facilities are well used and the number of toilet tissue blockages were all too common, I am pleased to inform you that since the introduction of the Bioactive toilet tissue across the school I am confident in reporting that the number of blockages has reduced by 60% and I would recommend this product to others.

    Greg S
    Facilities Manager
  • We have completed our trial of the enviroplus bioactive toilet paper and feedback we received from the staff was they noticed a reduction of odours! We also had problems in the past with toilet paper blocking the toilets, since supplying the enviroplus bioactive toilet paper we haven’t had one problem. I love seeing these immediate changes of switching, will definitely be using enviroplus bioactive paper from here on end!

    Tim P
    Regional Facilities Manager
  • We undertook a three month trial of Bioactive paper at one of our Sydney locations and can confirm we have had a reduction of blockages & plumbing call-outs on site. A decrease of odours in the washrooms was noticed and has also been a great bonus. E-Flush & E-washroom has been very effective in the washrooms and removing the urine odour smells.

    Wayne M
    Director & NSW Head of Technical Services