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e-Gel P&N

  • Natural cleaning power that eliminates odours
  • Reduces phosphate & nitrogen in water
  • Assists water clarification
  • Non-Toxic

e-Gel P&N HD is a gel block specifically designed to degrade and reduce phosphate and nitrogen levels in water bodies. The organic gel is a flocculent for dispersing suspended particles assisting in water clarity.

e-Zyme Crystals

  • Complete blend of beneficial septic microbes
  • Boosts sewer bacteria & assists leach drains
  • Eliminates odours & accelerates organic waste breakdown
  • Blend of naturally occurring micro-organisms

e-Zyme is a highly advanced bacterial granule designed to speed up the natural breakdown process of septic waste in long drop, open and closed, flush and non-flush toilet systems. E-Zyme is a superior product containing many strains of active bacteria and guarantees to provide a toilet system with a complete range to enable it to function properly.