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Our GECA Certified Enviroplus Products We are thrilled to have received GECA certification for a range of Enviroplus Cleaning Chemicals. Our Enviroplus range is focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are formulated from plant extracts, microbial, antimicrobial and e-zyme technology to offer...
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our new washroom cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner consisting of concentrated biological products. Ideal for combating bad odours, surface cleaning and accelerating the breakdown, this plant based chemical can be used to clean the floors, toilet, basins and the mirrors. A safer and healthier cleaning...
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Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper may look and act like any premium-quality toilet tissue but is designed using the latest bio-degradable technologies in the cleaning industry. What makes the Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper special is that it is infused with BATP® Enzymes which activates once they...
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The Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper won the 2017 Inclean innovation Award, and we are very excited to be able to provide innovative waste management solutions to the Australian Cleaning and Hygiene Industry. This is the only toilet paper in Australia using BATP® technology, consisting of a synergy of...
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