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Compostable Bin Liners

Eco-friendly compostable bin liners

Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Reduce Landfill Waste

With the new 100% compostable and certified bin liners from Envrioplus, your facility can reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce landfill waste.
The Enviroplus range of compostable bin liners is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic bags. These liners are made from corn starch and other compostable material which naturally compost overtime.
These eco-friendly renewable bin liners are available in 30L, 80L, 120L and 240L bags for commercial use in schools, aged cares, kitchens, offices and washrooms.
All bin liners are certified compostable to meet strict Australian, European and American standards.

Benefits of the Enviroplus Compostable Bin Liners:

  • Breathable and leak-proof for controlling odour and moisture
  • Made from natural corn starch that is GMO-free
  • Ink made from raw materials which will break down and not harm the environment in the process
  • Reduced landfill waste and carbon emissions
30L bill

30L Compostable Bin Liner

Product Code 130432

80L Compostable Bin Liner

Product Code 130433

120L Compostable Bin Liner

Product Code 130434

240L Compostable Bin Liner

Product Code 130435