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  • Multi-purpose concentrated cleaner
  • Accelerates organic waste break down
  • Stimulates sewer bacteria & assists leach drains
  • 100% eco-safe & biodegradable

e-Clean is a specially engineered cleaner consisting of fermentation products, seaweed extracts, surfactants, lemon oil and non-toxic and biodegradable products. e-Clean is the perfect food source to activate naturally occurring bacteria. Boost BioSystem and reduce (BOD) Odour


  • Quick Break Formula
  • Non-toxic & naturally safe - phosphate free
  • Non caustic non flammable
  • Suitable for use in oil separators & recycle systems

e-GreenKleen heavy duty degreaser is a quickbreak and biodegradable plant derived concentrate for light to heavily soiled and greased surfaces. e-GreenKleen can be applied neatly by spray or brush or it can be diluted with water and used through a pump or water blaster.


  • Eliminates odours & accelerates organic waste break down
  • Industrial strength, concentrated cleaner
  • Totally Eco safe & Biodegradable
  • Zero environmental impact

e-Z-Kleen HD is a Bio cleaning product that combines ecofriendly active surfactants with natural powerful enzymes. e-Z-Kleen HD is designed to provide deep cleaning power to cut through the toughest grease and starch.


  • Actively destroys odours at source
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable
  • Powerful enzymes & active ingredients
  • Uses natural plant extracts, non-toxic

e-Odourize has been formulated with our advanced odour eliminator technology. This gives e-Odourize its unique and outstanding odour removal properties by attacking and breaking down the organic matter at the odour source. To be used in all areas where odour is a problem.


  • Naturally formulated heavy duty cleaner
  • Harmless to all plants, children, pets and fish
  • Powerful enzymes & active ingredients
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable

e-Outdoor is a totally safe, non-toxic, chemical free cleaner for all outdoor equipment. e-Outdoor removes algae, mould, fats, grease and grime.


  • Inhibits fog on glass & mirrors
  • Sparkling smear-free finish on glass & windows
  • Plant-derived surfactant & alcohol based cleaner
  • Naturally formulated, non-toxic

e-Z-View cleaner combines an eco-friendly plant derived surfactant, alcohol from renewable resources, mild organic acid and fragrance. e-Z-View cleaner has excellent sequestering power to effectively clean, reduce spotting and leave a clean sparkling, smear-free finish on windows, mirrors and glass.