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Optimal Commercial Floor Cleaning Tips

A refined floor care routine is essential to the maintenance and long-term stature of any facility. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when addressing the maintenance of a commercial floor. From foot traffic to periodic tasks, it can be more complicated than it looks.  

There are daily and periodic cleaning tasks that need to be handled to keep up the pristine condition of the floor plan. Here are three helpful tips to keep in mind when developing a floor care plan for your commercial floor cleaning routine.  

Make A Map

Map out heavy traffic areas where consumers or employees walk and interact regularly. These areas will be the most susceptible to general wear and tear. They will also hold the most dirt and stains. It is important to pay special attention to these areas of commercial buildings to lessen damage over time and keep your building pristine.  

More Mats

You can place mats at entrance points or in areas where stains or mud gather the most. This reduces mud from being tracked into the building itself and will aid you during commercial floor cleaning with maintenance costs and labour. As floors undergo damage over time, this is one of many quick and easy tricks to use to concentrate on the areas where grime is collected.  

An optimal method is to place different types of mats to tackle the dirt or mud under one’s shoe. Start with a scrapper mat that dislodges big chunks of dirt, followed by a wiper mat, which allows the dirt to collect in one place.  

Daily Cleaning Routine 

A daily cleaning routine refers to tasks that follow a particular schedule and routine. They are periodic and used to keep a regular maintenance schedule in place. Dust mopping and damp mopping should be a task completed daily. However, periodic tasks, such as buffing or burnishing, should be tackled weekly or monthly, depending on the foot traffic.  

For more labour-intensive tasks, one needs to plan ahead and ensure the equipment is well maintained and functional. These could be tasks such as top scrubbing, floor stripping or refinishing. 

A Enviro Plus, we stock all the eco-friendly, natural and organic cleaning products you’ll need for your commercial floor cleaning routine. From industrial cleaning supplies to hard surface cleaners, you’re sure to find the products to keep your building in tip-top condition. Browse our range or call us at 1800 177 399 if you require more information.  

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