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The Top Uses And Benefits Of Enzymatic Cleaner

An enzymatic cleaner is a biological product made from strains of safe, natural bacteria mixed with specific enzymes. The bacteria and enzymes work together to clean hard stains. When you use it on dirt tracks, colours and odorous surfaces, the enzymes break it down and the bacteria consume it.  

Certain enzyme cleaning products only use enzymes without bacteria to do the cleaning. For example, there are enzymes in laundry detergents to enhance the chemicals already present in the detergent. Some people also use enzymes in their wash water to break down the dirt to make it easier to clean. 

Enzymes Speed Up Bacterial Digestion

Bacterial digestion is when organic matter is consumed by the good bacteria present in enzymes. Organic waste metabolises the residue down to water and carbon dioxide, which helps provide bacteria with energy to lengthen their life span. Organic waste then gets consumed by bacteria which removes contamination and foul odours.  

Make Sure To Use The Correct Product

An important thing to remember when using bio-enzymatic cleaner is to select the correct product for the type of cleaning job. Each product uses a different enzyme that helps clean a specific type of surface. The most popular uses of these cleaning products are the following:  

  • Drain cleaning  

Some drainers have harsh, toxic chemicals, so it is safer to use bio-enzymatic products to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.  

  • Carpet cleaning  

Enzymatic products are famous for cleaning a carpet because they don’t discolour or damage it. They have natural pH levels which help penetrate soft surfaces without damaging them. 

  • Urine stains  

Enzymatic cleaners help remove a urine stain and eliminate the odour. They also work well for challenging areas, including grouted areas.  

The Benefits Of Using Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners

  1. Bio cleaners are environmentally friendly and much safer for human health than  chemical cleaners.
  2. They have a high concentration, which lowers costs because they last longer after being diluted. 
  3. Bio cleaners still actively clean the surface for 80 hours after applying it.
  4. They replace dangerous disease-causing bacteria with known healthy organisms, better for human and animal health.

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