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Floor Care Solutions

A Greener Solution
A Greener Solution To Floor Care

NEW Eco-Friendly Strippers & Sealers

ecoGLOSS and ecoSTRIP are environmentally friendly floor strippers and sealers that deliver effective and efficient results with each use. ecoGLOSS and ecoSTRIP are premium green floor care products that reduce facilities solution wastage and carbon footprint when used regularly by contract commercial cleaners.

These stripper and sealers are a cost-effective option that helps protect facility floors and the environment with the Green Seal Certified formulas and economical dilution rates.

ecoSTRIP is tough on sealed floors and gentle on the environment. ecoGLOSS delivers brilliant shine and durability to a wide range of floor types. These products are low odour and would be suitable for hospitals, schools/ universities, aged care facilities, office buildings and more!

Enquire now to reduce your facilities environmental impact and increase floor durability with the ecoGLOSS and ecoSTRIP. 

ecostrip solution


Environmentally Responsible Floor Stripper

ecoSTRIP is not formulated with phosphates, butyl or harsh alkalis. ecoSTRIP is a non-corrosive floor stripper that has high activity (over 30%) for ultimate cost-effectiveness.

  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Strips standard, non-green finishes quickly and completely
  • Easily removes multiple coats of ecoGLOSS floor finish from any floor
  • Leaves no alkaline residue behind, simplifying finishing and eliminating recoat problems
  • Green Seal Certified
ecogloss solution


High Performance Floor Coating

Enviroplus ecoGLOSS is an environmentally responsible, high performance floor coating. Its high solids formula is not formulated with butyl, harsh alkalines, zinc, phthalates or APEO surfactants.

  • High solids formula
  • Multi-surface, all-purpose formula for all maintenance systems
  • Easy to apply, levels nicely and dries to a high gloss
  • Low odour combination seal and finish with ultra-low VOCs
  • Green Seal Certified
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