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Floor & Hard Surface

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e-Z-Kleen X

Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

$117.04 excl. gst

e-Z-Kleen X is a specialised enzymatic concentrate designed to empower organisations to take positive action towards greener cleaning practices without compromising cleaning performance. By harnessing the power of free enzymes and plant-derived surfactants, e-Z-Kleen X delivers a solution for efficiently cleaning and degreasing hard surfaces. Its high-performance formula swiftly lifts and emulsifies soils, dirt, and grease, leaving surfaces healthier and cleaner.

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Glass & Window Cleaner

$60.93 excl. gst

e-Z-View boasts a potent plant-derived solvent which is carbon-neutral, VOC-free, and unmatched when it comes to the environment. Our botanical-based solvent, derived from 100% vegetable extract, not only delivers exceptional cleaning performance but also minimises environmental impact by tapping into more renewable resources. With e-Z-View's high-performing cleaning power, achieve spotless, streak-free surfaces while minimising impact on our environment.

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e-Z-Kleen HD

Hard Surface & Floor Cleaner

$47.60 excl. gst

e-Z-Kleen HD is a concentrated, industrial-strength cleaner that embodies our vision for a greener, cleaner future. With its blend of free enzymes and plant-derived surfactants, this formula offers a heavy-duty, high-performing, fast-acting degreasing system, that lifts and emulsifies soils, dirt, and grease from hard surfaces. Our product-specific enzymes work by breaking down fats, oils, and grease into smaller, more soluble molecules, making them easier to remove, and empowering your cleaning efforts with innovation and efficiency.

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e-Sorb Gel

Super Absorbent Gel

$69.87 excl. gst

Our powerful super-absorbent gel is designed to tackle spills head-on, empowering organisations to maintain cleaner and safer environments. Crafted as a specialised inert hygroscopic powder, e-Sorb Gel boasts an impressive capability, absorbing up to 100 times its weight in liquid to transform spills into manageable gels. Whether it's blood, urine, or sensitive laboratory materials, e-Sorb Gel is here to make cleaning up spills easier.

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Easy cleaning

Rubix Chemical Dispenser

  • Removes solution waste from your facility, saving money and time
  • Dispenses four environmentally safer solutions at the touch of a button
  • Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers
  • Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify

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