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e-Power X

Heavy Duty Degreaser

$181.84 excl. gst

Our powerful concentrated cleaner employs innovative chemistry technologies for tile and hard surface cleaning that can outperform traditional cleaning solutions. Designed to penetrate and release stubborn grease and oily grime, it excels in both deep cleaning at strong dilutions and economical maintenance cleaning.

Product Feature Section

e-Z-Kleen X

Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

$117.04 excl. gst

e-Z-Kleen X is a specialised enzymatic concentrate designed to empower organisations to take positive action towards greener cleaning practices without compromising cleaning performance. By harnessing the power of free enzymes and plant-derived surfactants, e-Z-Kleen X delivers a solution for efficiently cleaning and degreasing hard surfaces. Its high-performance formula swiftly lifts and emulsifies soils, dirt, and grease, leaving surfaces healthier and cleaner.

Product Feature Section

e-Surface X

Multi-Surface Cleaner

$117.04 excl. gst

Envision a brighter, cleaner future for all surfaces with e-Surface X. Our specialised concentrated biological preparation revolutionises multi-surface cleaning with its powerful microbes that can deliver superior results. These microscopic agents don't just clean; they penetrate deep into porous surfaces, establishing self-renewing biofilms that combat odours and break down organic matter at its source. From starch to grease, e-Surface X leaves no soil and grime untouched, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness with each application.

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e-Washroom X

Bathroom Cleaner

$117.04 excl. gst

With a specialised formula designed for bathroom and washroom surfaces, e-Washroom X empowers organisations to make impactful steps towards a healthier environment with an innovative and high-performing formulation. The product-specific microbes work to penetrate even the most hard-to-reach surfaces to establish self-renewing biofilms, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and effective odour control. With each use, you're contributing to a cleaner future.

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e-Guard X

Specialised Cleaner and Disinfectant

$193.88 excl. gst

e-Guard X is a specialised cleaner and disinfectant made with a blend of plant-derived surfactants and a potent biodegradable biocide. e-Guard X embodies our commitment to positive change and environmental impact. Tested to meet rigorous standards including EN13697, EN1276 & EN14476, e-Guard X achieves 99.9% effectiveness against listed bacteria, empowering you to create a cleaner, safer space. e-Guard X empowers your efforts towards a healthier environment by proven disinfecting power. With GECA certification, our product not only delivers high performance but also aligns with your environmental goals.

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e-Fabric X

Carpet and Soft Fabric Cleaner

$58.82 excl. gst

Our biotech-based fabric cleaner is a solution for those seeking to make positive changes in their cleaning routines. With e-Fabric X, you'll achieve a cleaner environment while tackling deep-rooted stains and odours in your fabrics and carpets. Our formula is designed by targeting organic matter, protecting the fibres due to the long-lasting residual protection.

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Easy cleaning

Rubix Chemical Dispenser

  • Removes solution waste from your facility, saving money and time
  • Dispenses four environmentally safer solutions at the touch of a button
  • Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers
  • Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify

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