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e-Washroom X

Bathroom Cleaner

$117.04 excl. gst

With a specialised formula designed for bathroom and washroom surfaces, e-Washroom X empowers organisations to make impactful steps towards a healthier environment with an innovative and high-performing formulation. The product-specific microbes work to penetrate even the most hard-to-reach surfaces to establish self-renewing biofilms, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and effective odour control. With each use, you're contributing to a cleaner future.

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Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner/Deodoriser

$75.84 excl. gst

With our bioactive formula, we empower organisations to make positive changes in their cleaning routines, achieving a cleaner world one toilet bowl at a time. e-Flush utilises the power of beneficial microbes to tackle organic debris at its source. By breaking down uric scale and eliminating organic waste build-up, e-Flush not only cleans and refreshes but also helps to prevent potential blockages. With e-Flush, your washrooms stay fresh and free from unpleasant odours and can help reduce your cleaning frequencies.

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Anti-Bacterial Bathroom Cleaning Using Plant-Based Technology

$54.75 excl. gst

Our anti-bacterial bathroom cleaner harnesses the power of more renewable plant-based technology, combining lactic acid produced from plant fermentation with a gentle. We're not just cleaning surfaces; we're inspiring positive change by offering a solution that's both effective and environmentally friendlier for your bathrooms.

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Air Freshener & Toilet Blue Concentrate

$246.41 excl. gst

With e-Fresh, you're actively working towards a healthier and greener environment. Our formula harnesses the power of biodegradable surfactants and plant-based nutrients to not only deodorise but also stimulate the natural processes in septic water systems, promoting faster organic waste breakdown and eliminating odours at their source.

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Portable Toilet Waste Digester & Deodoriser

$90.04 excl. gst

With e-Portaloo, we're creating a cleaner, greener approach to portable sanitation. Our highly concentrated biological formula utilises the power of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to break down organic matter and eliminate unpleasant odours in portable toilet systems rather than relying on more harmful traditional chemistry based on petrochemicals. It's a step towards a cleaner environment, empowering organisations to make impactful changes.

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e-Zyme Crystals

Septic Waste Digester & Sewage Treater

$194.05 excl. gst

Harnessing the power of specially selected strains of active bacteria, e-Zyme accelerates the natural breakdown process of septic waste in various toilet systems to deliver results that are better for the environment.

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Urinal Block

$187.00 excl. gst

e-Kube is a biological urinal block. Our innovative formula comprises a carefully curated blend of non-pathogenic micro-organisms, with potent cleaning and water-softening agents, alongside an odour-blocking perfume and colouring agent.

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e-Gel P&N HD

Phosphate & Nitrogen Reducer For Water Systems

$326.29 excl. gst

With e-Gel P&N HD, envision a brighter, healthier future for our water systems. we empower organisations to take meaningful action in choosing safer options to reduce phosphate and nitrogen levels in water systems through the use of beneficial bacteria compared to other chemicals, ensuring better outcomes for the environment. The specialised bacteria work to degrade suspended particles, promoting water clarity and purity.

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Easy cleaning

Rubix Chemical Dispenser

  • Removes solution waste from your facility, saving money and time
  • Dispenses four environmentally safer solutions at the touch of a button
  • Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers
  • Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify

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