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Odour Eliminator & Stain Remover

$86.71 excl. gst

Harnessing the power of specialist enzymes, e-Odourize combats organic odours and stubborn stains. Odours from food and organic waste can infiltrate porous surfaces, clinging to fabrics, carpets, seats, and flooring, creating a persistent cleaning challenge. Unlike conventional air fresheners and cleaners that merely mask odours, e-Odourize targets the root source, ensuring a lasting solution. With e-Odourize, enjoy long-lasting odour control, coupled with optimal stain removal, empowering you to achieve a cleaner, fresher environment.

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Non-Silicone Tyre & Vinyl Reviver

$45.70 excl. gst

e-Revive embodies the vision of offering a high-performance, water-based formula that revitalises tyres and vinyl alike without the use of non-biodegradable silicone. With a low-toxic greener approach to vehicle maintenance, e-Revive empowers you to make positive change.

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Gum, Mark & Graffiti Remover

$235.44 excl. gst

Harnessing the power of a low-toxic and non-flammable organic solvent, e-Riteoff is designed to tackle the toughest challenges, from stubborn chewing gum and adhesives to ink-based graffiti, spray paint, and nail varnish. We're here to empower organisations on their journey towards a cleaner future, providing a high-performance solution that aligns with your environmental goals.

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e-Fabric X

Carpet and Soft Fabric Cleaner

$58.82 excl. gst

Our biotech-based fabric cleaner is a solution for those seeking to make positive changes in their cleaning routines. With e-Fabric X, you'll achieve a cleaner environment while tackling deep-rooted stains and odours in your fabrics and carpets. Our formula is designed by targeting organic matter, protecting the fibres due to the long-lasting residual protection.

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Antibacterial Handwash

$71.21 excl. gst

Our antibacterial liquid hand wash harnesses the power of plant-based resources derived from coconut, rapeseed, and RSPO palm kernel oil, to provide effective cleansing from more sustainable sources. By choosing e-Klenz, you're taking action towards a healthier planet, as our formula boasts significant CO2e reductions compared to petroleum synthetic alternatives, minimising your carbon footprint with every wash. Gentle on your skin, our pH-balanced formulation, enriched with a plant-derived humectant, locks in moisture, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Concentrated Solutions Dispensing System

Concentrated solutions dispensing system

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