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General Purpose Cleaning



General Purpose Cleaning Concentrate With Odour Control

e-Clean is a specialty product for multi-purpose cleaning consisting of a nutrient source of vegetable origin, surfactants and thickening and water-softening agents. The nutrient source helps to activate naturally occurring microbes in sewer systems which boosts bio-systems by increasing microbial populations. Organic matter present is broken down by the microbes, providing effective odour control.

  • GECA certified
  • Minimal toxicity and readily biodegradable
  • Formulated with plant-based extracts
  • Accelerates the organic waste breakdown
  • Effective odour control


Plant-based Odour Eliminator & Stain Remover

e-Odourize utilises specialist enzymes to break down organic odours at the source and remove stains. Odours from food and organic waste invariably penetrate porous surfaces, becoming deeply embedded in fabrics, carpets, seats and flooring. Traditional air fresheners and cleaners often only temporarily mask odours but fail to address the cause of the problem, enabling bad odours to return. The product enzymes quickly and easily penetrate porous surfaces and fabrics, helping to accelerate the breakdown of hidden organic deposits at the source. This ensures immediate and long-lasting odour control and optimal stain removal by targeting the breakdown of human and pet soils such as urine, vomit and faeces in addition to grass and protein food-based stains such as milk and egg.

  • Plant-based key ingredients
  • Breaks down odour and stains at the source
  • Specific enzymes effective against organic-based odours and stains
  • Dual action; cleans and deodorises
  • Ideal for industrial, institutional and commercial use
  • Suitable for use on most colourfast surfaces
Product Code Size
160359 5L
Product Code Size
144569 750mL Spraybottle (Empty)
160263 5L