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Hard Surface Cleaning

e-Z-Kleen X

Enzymatic Concentrate For Cleaning & Degreasing Hard Surfaces

e-Z-Kleen X is a specialised concentrated enzymatic preparation for cleaning and degreasing hard surfaces. It combines free enzymes and plant-derived surfactants providing a heavy duty and fast acting multi-surfactant degreasing system to quickly and easily lift and emulsify soils, dirt and grease from hard surfaces. The product-specific enzymes quickly help to break down fats, oil and grease into smaller more soluble molecules which can be more easily removed from the surface.

  • GECA and Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH HealthRATE Certified
  • pH neutral and safe for all surfaces
  • Fast, enzymatic action to cut through grease
  • Concentrated formula, cost-effective cleaner
  • Reduce cleaning hazards with less slippery floors
  • Plant-derived solvent is VOC-free and carbon neutral


Plant-based Anti-fog Glass & Window Cleaner

e-Z-View contains a powerful plant-derived, carbon-neutral, VOC-free solvent which provides the benefit of extra solvency power when cleaning and effectively replaces the need for more conventional and hazardous solvents. This botanical-based solvent is produced from more renewable resources compared to traditional chemicals and is based on 100% vegetable extract. The excellent sequestering power of e-Z-View enables it to effectively clean, reduce spotting and leave a clean sparkling, smear-free finish on windows, mirrors and glass.

  • GECA Certified
  • Formulated with bio-renewable, plant-based active ingredients
  • Minimal aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable
  • Sparkling smear-free finish on glass & windows
Product Code Size
144568 750mL Spray bottle (Empty)
160522 1L
160541 2.5L
Product Code Size
144068 750ml Spray Bottle (Empty)
160254 5L
E-Sorb Gel


Super Absorbent Gel

e-Sorb Gel is a powerful super-absorbent gel for containing aqueous liquid spills. e-Sorb Gel comes in the form of a specialised inert hygroscopic powder which absorbs 100 times its own weight in liquid to form a manageable gel.

Mop up unpleasant and hazardous liquid deposits such as blood, urine and sensitive laboratory materials with e-sorb.

  • Ultra hygiene management
  • Powerful super absorbent gel
  • Minimal toxicity
Product Code Size
210701 500gm