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Natural Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

e-Guard X

Specialised Cleaner and Disinfectant

e-Guard X is a highly effective cleaner that combines plant-derived surfactants with a potent biodegradable biocide. Being on the ARTG register, it is tested to meet EN13697, EN1276 & EN14476 for 99.9% effectiveness against listed bacteria.

e-Guard X is designed to provide deep cleaning power to cut through the toughest grease and starch whilst providing a fantastic shine to chrome and other similar surfaces. Being GECA certified makes it an ideal choice for both effective performance and consideration for the environment.

  • GECA Certified
  • ARTG registered as a commercial disinfectant and verified to be 99.99% effective against listed bacteria
  • Cleans, sanitises, removes unpleasant odours
  • Safe on all water-cleanable surfaces when used as directed
  • Contains plant-derived surfactants
e-Klenz Handsoap

e-Klenz Handsoap

Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand Wash With Plant-based Actives

e-Klenz is formulated from plant-based resources derived from coconut, rapeseed and RSPO palm kernel oil. The plant-based cleaning agents offer significant CO2e reductions compared with petroleum synthetic-derived alternatives thus lowering the carbon footprint. The cleansing agents are mild and gentle on the skin, the formulation is pH balanced to match that of the skin and a plant-derived humectant helps retain the skin’s moisture. Not tested on animals.

  • Biodegradable
  • Plant-derived surfactants
  • Powerful, yet gentle on the skin
Product Code Size
144136 750mL Spray bottle (Empty)
160256 1L
160542 2.5L
Product Code Size
160376 500ml
160375 5L